Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reflection for Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fourth Tuesday of Advent
LK 1:26-38

“May it be done to me according to your word.”

Perhaps one of the most well-known phrases in the Bible, Mary’s fiat is an example for all of us in our daily lives. How often do we get the chance to experience some of our own “fiat moments”?

Although Mary was able to have a conversation with God through the angel Gabriel, many of us are not lucky enough to have this explicit of a connection with God. Instead, God speaks to us a bit more cryptically.

Even though God won’t ask us to be the mother of Jesus, He does allow us to achieve our own fiats every single day by simply giving us opportunities to say “yes” to Him. These opportunities may come when we have the chance to talk with someone experiencing homelessness as opposed to walking by, going to Mass when we still have a lot of schoolwork to get done, or even staying up late at night when a friend needs to talk and we’re just really too tired.

These opportunities to say “yes” to God seem to never come at a convenient time. Think about it. It’s almost always easier to say “not now”, “one second”, or “I’ll get to it later”, especially when God is asking for our time or attention. When looking at today’s Gospel, however, we see that Mary used none of these excuses. She accepted the confusion and pressure of the task she was asked to do, and simply told God to do with her what was needed for His plan. Looking at the great feat that was accomplished through Mary, how can we not be amazed by what can happen if we give in to God’s plan? It is impossible to fathom the outcome of our actions if we always allow ourselves to be led by God. In our efforts to do this, we can look to Mary as the perfect example of living with God’s plan, and then we can follow her lead to live our own fiats to God by simply saying “yes.”

Ryan Kowalski is a Sophomore studying Communication at SLU from Lake Zurich, IL.

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