Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reflection for Saturday, December 7, 2013

Memorial of Saint Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Society tends to reward us for being independent. Many of the moments I’m most proud of myself are moments in which I have managed to succeed in some task through my own perseverance and determination. In fact, we sometimes go so far as to suggest that dependence on other people is a weakness. Our professors may tell us that group projects are great, but how many of us have honestly sat around with our friends and discussed our fondness for projects in which our success depended on the work ethics of others? At this point in my life it’s been rather driven into my skull that if I want to succeed in this world, I’m going to have to grab destiny by the horns and forge my own path without relying too much on the support of those who care for me.

But you know what? Sometimes, I just want to call my dad and have him tell me that everything is going to be all right. I want my mom to take me out for ice cream and remind that no matter how badly I mess up, she will always love me. What I need is a reminder that it’s okay to depend on others who love me, because despite what society tells us, no one really ever makes it on their own. This week’s reading serves as that exact reminder.

Jesus sent his disciples out to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven to those who were troubled and abandoned. No matter what we project on the outside, I believe we all feel a little lost on the inside. Those disciples were sent for all of us. Jesus was sent here for all of us. He is our reminder that God loves us with the entirety of His being and that all of the support in life we will ever need can be found in Him.

The next time you find yourself struggling against all odds to succeed in a world whose entire purpose is your defeat, I urge you to change your perspective a little. All of life’s challenges are not meant to be overcome by the sheer force of one’s will. If you’ve been studying for three days straight and feel like you’ll never understand the material, call your Mom and tell her that you love her and miss her. She won’t necessarily teach you the material, but she’ll certainly make you feel better and perhaps provide the rejuvenation you need. If the job search seems to be full of dead ends, go out for coffee with a good friend who can remind you that life is about far more than this temporary process. And finally, take the time to sit down and pray with God. Remember that He is always with you no matter how alone you may feel. Society may reward us for our independence, but life rewards us for sharing in love with our friends, family, and God.

Matt Satcher is a senior studying Aerospace Engineering.

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