Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reflection for Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

Christmas ads are in every direction one looks, whether it be through television, newspapers, or department stores. Christmas has turned into a season of gift giving and getting. Where has the true meaning of Christmas gone? The Advent season is the time for reflection and anticipation. It is the time for people to prepare for the birth of Jesus.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus addresses his disciples, telling them their eyes are blessed because they have seen Jesus as he is. A few paragraphs above, the act of revealing Jesus is said to be only done to the childlike. Both of these ideas support the fact that the wise and wealthy are not the ones who Jesus will be revealed to. Jesus is revealed to the common people, those who live their daily lives for Jesus. This same idea is true today; a person who is wealthy or knowledgeable about scripture does not get preference over an individual who knows less "stuff" but lives out his or her life for God. Living out the Word of God through daily acts of kindness and being the best person you can be is what Jesus calls each one of us to do everyday. The gift of giving a present is one way to show that you care for a person. If all of the Christmas gifts were acts instead of something tangible our world would be a different place. Jesus showed and spoke the truth about the Word of God. This is something intangible just like an act of kindness or compassion. That is the greatest gift one can give this Christmas season. Rather than taking the Advent season to shop for the people we love, let's think of ways we can show our love through words and deeds, just like Jesus did.

Ann Knezetic is President of the Student Government Association.

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